8 Vital Questions to Ask Your Supplement Manufacturer

Is your current private label supplement manufacturer not living up to expectations? Do you want to work with a contract manufacturer who provides a high level of service for every order and product? Everyone has their own reasons for looking for a new manufacturing partner. But one thing’s certain: you want to be sure your new partner can handle your business the way you want. To ensure a smooth working relationship, be sure to ask the following questions when considering a new contract manufacturer:

Supplement Manufacturer Questions

Can you explain your quality assurance program?

Imagine you – or a customer – finds a problem with one of your products. You’ll want to be sure someone is held accountable and that the problem won’t happen again. A good QA program on the manufacturer’s side can catch most manufacturing problems early on. QA will also help you resolve any problems that you encounter. Ask how your supplement manufacturer’s QA process works and what happens if something goes wrong.

What makes your company better? How are you different from other nutrition manufacturers or private label supplement companies?

Every company you talk to should be able to answer this question quickly and in detail. This includes the people who answer the phones. The answer will help you determine if the company has a strong sense of its identity as a supplier. If they do, it shows they not only understand market needs, but also how they can meet those needs. Their answer will also show the depth of the leadership and how well the corporate identity and messaging is making its way through the entirety of the company. Listen to their answers and try to identify the company’s core values. You should hear them in the language of every person you come in contact with, from reception to sales to executive management.

How well do you work together? Will it be a smooth relationship?

The most important aspect of your working relationship with a private label supplement manufacturer is whether you work well together at all. Pay attention to how quickly the manufacturer responds to questions or messages. See how involved they are in your production process. Make note of how helpful they are if you need something. This can give you a good idea of what it will be like to work with them on a regular basis.

What are the minimum quantities for an order?

If you’re fulfilling special orders or want to test the market for a new product or formulation, you may not want to order crate after crate of a supplement. Make sure your manufacturer is up-front about minimum order quantities for supplements and nutraceuticals.

When do I take ownership of the finished product? Is there a grace or inspection period?

Along with a set QA process, you want to make sure you get a chance to look at any products your private label manufacturer produces for you before you take ownership. Most quality manufacturers will give you a grace period to inspect your products. You should also be able tobring up any concerns without penalty. If your chosen manufacturer is unwilling to offer you an inspection period, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

What are the payment terms? Are they negotiable?

One of the most important aspects of the seller-manufacturer relationship is the payment issue. Unfortunately this is one of the most contentious aspects as well. You can avoid payment problems by ironing out all the terms beforehand. Be sure to be clear about your own expectations. Most manufacturers are willing to negotiate somewhat on payments, especially if your product isn’t selling as well as you’d hoped or if there’s a problem with your order. Be sure to ask about what the payment terms are before manufacturing begins.

Who owns custom formulations or product ideas?

Getting into the realm of custom supplement manufacturing and producing your own formulations? You’ll want to be sure you keep ownership of any ideas or formulas you come up with. Sometimes clients will collaborate with manufacturers to develop new formulations for private label supplements; in these cases, it’s best to have a set contract or agreement that states who owns what. Ask if the manufacturer has ever developed or worked with custom formulations in the past and how it played out.

Can the manufacturer provide solutions if product demand changes?

Experienced manufacturers can provide solutions and ideas to help you get your products on shelves or online sooner. If demand is shifting, they’ll also be able to give you options for increasing production and capitalizing on new developments. Similarly, if demand is going down or cuts off, your supplement manufacturer should know how to handle the situation without leaving you holding the bag, so to speak.

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